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Who runs the world? Girls.

If I wanted I could destroy everything. But I'm a good girl ;)

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Boy, oh boys!

Never under-estimate the potential of the mischievous boy.

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Who. What. Why.


It’s about freedom

With diverse cultural backgrounds and professional experience ranging from magazine editing to merchandising, digital marketing and technology, on the surface we couldn’t be more different. But, we’re united in our goal: to find freedom. To make cool stuff, from wherever we want in the world. To keep exploring. To remain curious. To give back.


It’s not about fashion.

Well, at least not fashion as you know it. We're not about landfill couture, or trends. We’re inspired by what we see on our adventures - the colours, the conversations, the observations. Real style is in the interpretation.


And to be good humans too.

That's all we really want to be. We want our contribution to the Earth to be a good one, and to know that doing what we love will not only make us happy, but can make a difference too. We donate 100% of our profits to not-for-profits whose aim is to protect our planet and care for humankind.


A day in the life of #selfies because #yolo