Quirky loveable bunch of stardusts making their way around the galaxy.

We are

A Peter Pan marketing type who’s most colourful outfit is grey and loves to dance a line that borders inappropriate. A designer with a love of science and an insatiable appetite for black fish eggs that is rivalled only by her thirst for travel. A brainchild who just wants to learn all the things, preferably while drinking damn good coffee, and being somewhere else in the world. A pop-culture loving wordsmith who is passionate about shoes, words, cheese and Taylor Swift - in a non-ironic way.

This is us

We're four kids who didn’t want to play in the grown-up 9-5 world anymore. Because that contribution didn’t seem great enough and because we knew there was more to see than the scraps of life weekends afforded us. We knew what was important to us: travel, curiosity, giving back, creativity, so we simply made something that allowed us to do it all… without taking ourselves too damn seriously.

We wanted to do it on our own terms. So we did.

Our goal is simply to create something that inspires joy, while we pursue our joy: chasing summers, creating, designing, travelling, laughing and making awesome shit. We figure, with life so full of colour, our t-shirts don’t need to be.

Do good

Every day we are inspired by the amazing people we meet, who give back and make our lives a better place. Our purpose is to contribute to our world and do good. We do this by giving 100% of our profits to causes that help this planet of ours a better place. Read more on how we Do Good and how you are a part of this change.