We donate 100% of profits to a good cause.

Do Good

What drives us as a brand is the desire to help people and do some good in the world. This is why we've decided to donate 100% of our profits (revenue less costs) to causes we truly believe in. Every week, we reconcile our balance sheets and make our donation. We choose not to wait until the end of the financial year to make our contributions because want Monosyrup sales to have the greatest positive effect, as quickly as possible.

The causes we’ve chosen to support are Clean Water and Plant Trees.

Why Clean Water? We believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water. And, with 663 million people in the world living without this basic necessity, our help is desperately needed.

Why Plant Trees? We believe in clean, pollution-free air, and forest restoration is a cost-effective, natural way to make the air clean and the world a damn nice place to look at and live in.

Our Do Good: Clean Water donations go to the organisation Charity:Water, as 100% of their donations go to the field. Visit the Charity:Water website to learn more about the good work they are doing.

Our Do Good: Plant Trees donations go to the organisation The Nature Conservancy, as their goal is simple. Plant a billion trees by 2025. Visit the Plant a Billion website to learn more about the good work they are doing.