Phteven Men's T-shirt


For the dog-thing-animal-rockstar, this one's for you.

My favorites include.

  • I'm phsquished
  • Me llamo ephteban
  • Jon Phno
  • Phtuart
  • I like Phleeping
  • Volkphwagon

and of course


Cracks. Us. Up.




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  • Chart
    S M L XL 2XL
    Chest 19 20.5 22 24 26
    Length 28 29 30 31 32
    * Measurement in inches.
    We recommend comparing sizes with your favorite tee :)
  • Garment

    Our fabrics are "primo" and developed for butter softness and stretch, coming from premium yarns and engineered for supreme quality.

    T-shirts come in 100% ring-spun cotton or blend that includes polyester and rayon.

  • Wash

    Keep your threads as fresh as you and only machine wash cold and tumble dry on medium.